Brewster McWhirtle’s life has been spiralling downward ever since his wife, Melanie, was killed a year earlier. Now without a reason to push him out of bed each morning, Brewster wonders if he can find meaning in the botanical project he and Melanie once pursued with great passion. With help from a selfless park ranger, Brewster finally begins taking baby steps toward a new life.

After he gifts his wife’s flower shop to a loyal longtime employee, Brewster’s anger and despair is quieted by the cheerful florets of the blue wildflowers Melanie loved so much. As he tentatively moves into uncharted territory, fate leads Brewster to unexpectedly meet Clotilde, an extraordinary botanical artist, and to become intertwined with a family dealing with devastating personal challenges. As he slowly learns to lean on his reawakened faith, Brewster soon discovers that within an uncharted life, Jesus is always there, just like the wildflowers his wife once adored.

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