Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69

Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69 by Graeme Connell What makes a person pack a bag and head off into the vast white, frozen, inhospitable desert of Antarctica? Is it adventure, tales of heroism and sacrifice, science or simply because it is there? In a mix of nerve-tingling drama, history, anecdote, and the physical and emotional unknown, Graeme Connell talks about his odyssey on the continent at the bottom of the world. Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69 is a glimpse of a small country’s Antarctic activity at the tail end of the first decade of modern exploration. It is also a snapshot of a young, disillusioned small town newspaper journalist who seeks change to embrace all that life has to offer for himself, his wife and family.

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“Tide Cracks and Sastrugi is a wonderfully entertaining, well-written, honest and funny book that is hard to put down. The author has an engaging, friendly style while also a clear grasp of the language and its rules, making the book readable and easy to follow.
The story is told with enough detail to draw the reader in and make the story come to life, but not so much that it drags it down and becomes boring. That’s not an easy thing to do, but the writer skillfully manages it.
“The cover is a picker-upper. Beautiful photo, nice use of font and a title just different enough to make one wonder what the book’s about without making it too odd to pick up and take a look at. The use of the “subtitle” helps, and nestling it above the main title is a nice touch.
“The pictures are used well. The color scenic ones are breathtaking, and there are also a good number of informational ones for curious readers who want to know what people and things look like, something that’s not included in enough memoirs.
Overall, an entertaining and interesting book, very nicely written and hard to put down.”

Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards


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