Beginnings at the End of the Road


Brandon Silverberry was an eleven-year-old stricken with polio when he rescued a man from drowning. Although it has been thirty years since the event, Brandon still remembers it like it was yesterday. When he receives an unexpected inheritance from the man, Brandon’s ordinary life as a master baker is turned upside down. Now he must undock his stable, sheltered existence and discover the call this endowment has placed on his life.

Overwhelmed with the gift of a beautiful home, large property, and hefty bank account, Brandon does his best to adjust to a new life. Buoyed by God’s love and the indomitable spirit he gained during his years battling polio, Brandon vascillates between unexpected reality and memories of bullies, physical limitations and loss. Now as his journey leads him to meet a disparate group of characters all seeking to belong, Brandon’s life comes full circle as he realizes the inspirational symbolism behind a bicycle.

In this tender tale, the surprise inheritance propels Brandon down a bumpy road of astonishing outcomes.